Quality ManagementHello World!

Dongwon keeps a severe quality management system based on international standards to whole process that are design, development, product and sales.

Guaranteed quality starts from high-tech product system, competitive price, deadline for supply and professional spirit which does not permit error.

Dongwon’s quality system follows requirements of ISO/TS 16949 and customer’s needs.

Our goals of quality are to continually supply high-quality products which can satisfy customer’s request and meet their expectations in ISO / TS 16949 system and to stabilize quality system as well.
Therefore, Dongwon Metal has made all possible effort to improve quality and to meet deadline for customer satisfaction with 1st priority. Domestically, we have carried out cost reduction, Zero defect, Tier 1&2 management and quality improvement, progress observance, countermeasures for faultsand error, strengthening quality education to all employees and stabilization of ISO / TS 16949 system.


Efforts to achieve the quality assurance policy

  • Make customers satisfaction, fulfill with applicable standard, size, legislation and social requirement
  • Maintaining competitive price and enhancing productivity and process capability
  • Establishment of quality assurance system including overall factors that can affect to quality of product
  • Computing performance compared with target by setting aim of quality
  • Trying to do best for enhancing quality of product and capability of staffs

In order to achieve the aim of quality, we have enhanced capable staffs, business and quality of product by introducing education and training. Through quality improvement system like ISO/TS 16949, we will do our best to keep system adjustment and quality improvement.